FAQs About Your New Commercial Roof

If you own a commercial building, you know the importance of maintaining it to the highest standards. Providing a clean and safe work environment for your employees, clients, or lessees depends a great deal on the condition of your commercial roof. … Continued

Tips for Spring Clean Up on Your Commercial Roof

Winter was brutal this year, especially in the northern Illinois region. Now that the ground is thawing and the leaves are returning to the trees, it is time to get out that annual cleaning and maintenance checklist. This year, don’t … Continued

Top 3 Ways to Ruin Your Roof

Okay, so you may not set out to destroy your commercial property. But without even intending to, you can cause damage to your roof. To avoid such damages, our team at HC Anderson Roofing Company, Inc. suggests that you avoid … Continued

How to Spot a Leaky Roof

Most people don’t realize their roofs are leaking until it’s too late. The water damage has already been done. Your best bet to fight against leaks is preventative maintenance by a commercial roofer like HC Anderson Roofing Company, Inc., but … Continued

Repair Your Roof before Winter Hits

Cooler temperatures have hit the Rockton, IL, area, and we all know what that means—snow is coming. But before you have to start dealing with the winter wonderland, our team at HC Anderson Roofing Company, Inc. recommends that you take … Continued

3 Advantages of a Duro-Last Roof

You’ve been looking into your roof options for your commercial property. From metal to modified bitumen, you can find many different types of roofs that each have their own purpose or strength. However, at HC Anderson Roofing Company, Inc., we … Continued

Why Hire a Commercial Roofing Contractor?

You’re a business owner who wants to make careful, frugal decisions for your company. You have obligations, employees, and customers to consider. While prioritizing the daily ins and outs of your business is commendable, you don’t want to forget about … Continued

Schedule Your Spring Roof Maintenance

Those Illinois winters can be brutal. Most likely, your business’s roof took a beating with all the snow, wind, ice, and other elements that you and other Rockford residents have experienced. However, now that spring is here and the winter … Continued