Commercial Roof MaintenanceThose Illinois winters can be brutal. Most likely, your business’s roof took a beating with all the snow, wind, ice, and other elements that you and other Rockford residents have experienced. However, now that spring is here and the winter weather is (hopefully) behind us, it may be time for you to schedule your spring roof maintenance with HC Anderson Roofing Company, Inc.

Why get roof maintenance?

You’ve likely heard the saying “preventative medicine is the best medicine.” Well, the same is true for your roof. By keeping up with preventative roof maintenance, you can keep your roof in top condition for longer. Plus, paying for roof maintenance is always more affordable and less time-consuming than a complete roof replacement.

What’s included?

Roof maintenance might vary from business to business, depending on what type of roof you have, the type of building, the age of your roof, and so on. So the first thing our roofing contractors will do is thoroughly assess the condition of your roof and then work with you to create a maintenance plan. For most businesses in Rockford, IL, we recommend that you repeat this roof maintenance service call each year. Many people choose to do it in the spring to make sure any damages caused by winter weather are not ongoing.

How can I get started?

Because our spring schedule can easily fill up fast, we recommend that you contact our office as soon as possible to schedule your annual roof maintenance. You can call us anytime during business hours at (815) 624-4129.

HC Anderson Roofing Company serves commercial property owners in and around the Rockford and Rockton, IL, areas. From annual roof maintenance to complete roof replacement or repairs, we help business owners and property managers keep their roofs in top condition year round.

photo credit: [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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