A roof is a roof, right? Not so fast. At HC Anderson Roofing Company, Inc., we know there is a huge difference between a residential roof and those on commercial properties in Rockford and nearby areas. Contact us today at (877) 824-4717 to receive a free quote on installation, repair, or maintenance.

A commercial roof requires expert craftsmanship to ensure your business won’t be disrupted by unwelcome exposure to the elements. With specialty Duro-Last roofing, your property will be protected from leaks for years to come.

Advantages of Duro-Last Roofs

This product got its name for a reason: It lasts! The single-ply vinyl membrane is custom-made to fit your roof’s dimensions. With few or no seams, the product nearly eliminates the chance of leaks becoming a problem.

Duro-Last Roofing Rockford IL

Other advantages include the following:

  • Fast installation – Since the membrane is custom-made, installation is fast with minimal annoyances, and generates significantly less waste.
  • Durability – Duro-Last roofing can endure extreme temperatures and is resistant to fire, grease, chemicals, wind, and punctures.
  • Low maintenance – Because the material is installed as one large sheet and is resistant to the elements, it requires less maintenance and fewer repairs.
  • Energy savings – Receiving one of the highest reflectivity ratings from the Environmental Protection Agency, the material helps reduce energy costs in the summer by deflecting heat from the sun.
  • Warranty – HC Anderson is proud to offer a standard 15-year warranty (or a 20-year pro-rated warranty) with all Duro-Last roofs installed in Rockford, IL, or the surrounding areas of Rockton, IL, and southern Wisconsin.
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Custom Colors and Styles

You’ll have your choice of roof color and style when working with HC Anderson. White roofs are a great option if energy savings and reflectivity is important. Darker roofs also are available, as are pebble, rock, and shingle designs. We have several options from which to choose, so ask away.

Contact HC Anderson at (877) 824-4717 to receive a free quote on Duro-Last roofing or any other commercial roofing project in the Rockford area. We also perform standard roof maintenance, as well as repairs, installations, and more.