Maintenance is the name of the game when it comes to commercial property management. At HC Anderson Roofing Company, Inc., we offer an endless variety of roof maintenance plans in the Rockford, IL, area and beyond. Contact us today at (877) 824-4717 to receive a free quote, and we’ll discuss upkeep options with you.

Ongoing Maintenance Options

As professional roofing contractors, we understand what it takes to keep a roof in good condition. That’s why we developed a maintenance program that is tailored to each client. We take into consideration the age of the building and its roof, the location of the structure, and the type of business it houses to plan maintenance services that will lessen the risks of a roof-related catastrophe.

Roof Maintenance Rockford Illinois

First we’ll set a schedule for your maintenance work. For small businesses or newer buildings, we may recommend an annual service. Large buildings with older roofs — especially those with a history of leaks or problems — may need to be examined quarterly. Either way, we’ll use a checklist to assess the roof, and then provide you with a comprehensive report with the pertinent information and recommendations, including photos.

Our technicians also will make small repairs at the time of inspection. We believe in being proactive, rather than reactive. If we see a minor problem that could become a major one down the line, we’ll get it fixed. We also will make recommendations for addressing any larger issues we find.

Free Maintenance Quote

Thorough Roofing Inspections

Because we care about our clients’ businesses, we work with property managers and owners to create custom maintenance programs. Whether that entails quarterly examinations and repairs or one thorough inspection each year, our experts will make sure your roof is protected.

Contact HC Anderson at (877) 824-4717 today to get a free quote for commercial roof maintenance in the Rockford, Illinois, area, including Rockton. In addition to maintenance and inspections, we also install Duro-Last roofs, and performs roof repairs in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.