Located in Rockton, IL, we are proud to offer impeccable roofing services throughout northern Illinois. Since 1998, HC Anderson Roofing Company, Inc. has been the name to trust in the industry, as we help business owners literally keep the roof over their heads. We have received multiple accolades over the years, and we’re known for our dedication and determination. Contact us at (877) 824-4717 to receive a free estimate on any commercial roofing project in Illinois.

Commercial Roofs

Your business is undoubtedly important to you, so why risk a leaky roof ruining important documents or products? We provide a range of roofing services, including full replacements, to help reduce that threat — and give you additional peace of mind.

Our technicians have experience working on all types of commercial roofs, including those on warehouses, factories, shopping centers, and restaurants. And we also own our roofing equipment, allowing us to remove third-party vendors and middlemen from the equation. This produces a higher quality finished product, and it decreases the likelihood of a project going over budget or missing deadlines.

Free Roofing Quote

Roofing Repairs

All roofs need to be repaired at some point, whether the damage was caused by decay due to old age or neglect from improper maintenance. At HC Anderson, we repair commercial roofs so our clients can focus on the things that make their business successful. Our repair service starts with an inspection and analysis of the problem areas, and then the work begins. When we’re finished, we go over what was done and provide recommendations for future work if necessary. If you’ve noticed some leaks, or haven’t thought about the condition of your roof since the first Bush administration, it may be time to call HC Anderson.

Ongoing Maintenance Plans

With regular maintenance and inspections, your roof could provide years of extended service. At HC Anderson, we craft personalized maintenance programs for our clients based on the age of the building and roof, its current condition, and the location. We set up regular inspections, do small repairs, and provide thorough reports detailing all the issues we find. Stay on top of problems before they cause more damage by having us perform simple roof maintenance regularly.

Duro-Last Roofs

We’ve spent years perfecting our craft, so we know how important high-end roofing material can be. The material we feel is best is Duro-Last, a single-ply vinyl layer custom-fit to each commercial roof. The material is very durable, meaning there is less chance of shrinkage, leaks, and cracks over time.

If you’d like to learn more about HC Anderson, our services, and how to receive a free quote on any of our roofing services, call (877) 824-4717. We serve the entire northern Illinois area, including Rockford and Rockton, as well as southern Wisconsin, including Beloit.