If you’ve walked outside in the last couple of weeks, one thing is certain: winter is coming quickly. As we start to plan for freezing temperatures, howling winds, and snow, it’s critical to ask yourself one question: is your facility’s roof ready for winter? Hopefully, you can say that you are one of the many that has already called HC Anderson Roofing Company, Inc. for your fall inspection. If not, there’s still time to ensure that any issues are addressed and that your commercial roof is in good shape for the coming months. It’s standard practice to have your roof inspected annually but if your facility’s roof is nearing the end of its serviceable life, regular inspections are an absolute must. Neglecting your roof can lead to damaging leaks and structural damage from snow loads, not to mention daily freeze/thaw cycles, all of which can cause countless expenses and headaches. Still not convinced? Consider these three facts we often share with our customers.

Risks to Commercial Roof

Freezing Temperature Risks

It’s important to remember that most premature roof failures come from neglecting to find and repair existing deficiencies. If existing issues are untreated prior to the winter months, they can be exacerbated by snow and freezing temperatures. A little professional attention now can address all these issues and more, before the first snowfall hits.

Roof Coating Protection

Many of our customers have taken the prudent approach to stopping leaks before they happen, by electing to have Duro-Last roof coating installed on their roof before snowfall and the related runoff irreparably damage the roof. An investment in Duro-Last will ensure that your roof will not leak. It’s durable, quickly installed, low maintenance, and can provide energy savings. The experts at HC Anderson will help you decide if Duro-Last is a sensible choice for your roof.

Have a Snow Plan

Too much snow on your roof can lead to it collapsing. Make sure you spend time discussing a snow removal plan for your roof. Even if you’ve never experienced an issue, or your roof was built to withstand a significant snow load, it’s still good practice to plan to remove heavy snow promptly and efficiently.

At HC Anderson, we have the right team in place to make sure that your roof is ready for winter. Contact us at (877) 824-4717 to schedule an inspection and make sure you and your roof are ready for the looming winter weather.

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