You’ve been looking into your roof options for your commercial property. From metal to modified bitumen, you can find many different types of roofs that each have their own purpose or strength. However, at HC Anderson Roofing Company, Inc., we urge you to consider a Duro-Last roof, and here’s why.

Roofing Contractor1. Custom fit

Duro-Last doesn’t believe that one size fits all. Each commercial property is different, and Duro-Last accounts for that. The single-ply vinyl membrane is custom fit for your building’s roof. We use the roof’s dimensions to create a barrier that is custom made, thus eliminating almost all seams and minimizing the opportunity for leaks to get through.

2. Quality materials

Duro-Last is a quality product, and we stand by it…so much so that we offer a 15-year warranty standard with each Duro-Last roof that we install.

3. Energy efficiency

Everyone likes a change that affects the bottom line for the better. The material used in a Duro-Last roof reflects the sun’s rays and therefore increases your building’s energy efficiency by diverting intense heat from the sun. Like most business owners, you likely welcome a break in your utilities budget, especially during those hot Illinois summers.

Believe it or not, these advantages are not the only ones that come with a Duro-Last roof. Your best bet for finding out all that this commercial roofing product can do for you is to contact our staff at (877) 824-4717 for a free quote. 

HC Anderson Roofing Company is based in Rockton, IL, and is a family-owned, and -operated commercial roofing company. We proudly serve business owners in and throughout the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas. Give us a call, and let us help you with your building’s roofing needs, including any repairs and maintenance, and we’ll get you on your way to experiencing the Duro-Last difference.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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