Invest in Your RoofAs a business owner, you know that sometimes you have to make investments in your future—and investments usually cost us or require a leap of faith. Often, you have to work harder or pay more up front to see those long-range goals met. The same mindset is essential when it comes to choosing a roof for your commercial property.

At HC Anderson Roofing Company, Inc., we’ve seen what happens when sub-par handymen have tried to patch commercial roofs or treat them like a common residential roof. Often, that business owner ends up paying down the road for major repairs or water damage that they could have avoided by choosing a Duro-Last roof from us.

A Duro-Last roof has quality and longevity built right into the manufacturer’s name. A Duro-Last roof is a single-ply vinyl membrane that’s made to fit your specific roof. We choose to use this product because we’ve found Duro-Last to be superior for the following reasons:

  • Custom-made to fit your roof
  • Color options
  • Quick and easy installation for our crew
  • Durable (even in the changing Illinois weather)
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Few or no seams (reduced risk of leaks)
  • Energy efficient (especially if you choose white as the color)
  • Built-in, standard 15-year warranty (with a 20-year pro-rated warranty)

We’re proud to be a commercial roofing contractor that offers Duro-Last products and installation because we want our customers to have the best. Our customers choose Duro-Last because they want to make a lasting investment in their businesses and in maintaining their commercial properties.

Want to hear more about Duro-Last or our other commercial roofing options? Contact our crew at HC Anderson at (815) 624-4129. We’d be glad to tell you more about Duro-Last roofing, give you a free quote, and even develop a roof maintenance plan for your property in northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin


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